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SwissLitho is a young high-tech company with the vision to change the way nanostructures are commonly made. Our unique nanolithography tools, called NanoFrazor, trace their origins to the Millipede project from IBM Research Zurich. The multiple-patented technology uses heatable silicon tips for patterning and simultaneous imaging of arbitrary high-resolution nanostructures. The NanoFrazor opens up new and unprecedented possibilities for nanofabrication in order to accelerate scientific and technological progress in all fields of nanotechnology. Since its foundation in 2012, SwissLitho has received many of the most prestigious national and international start-up and technology awards. We are a multi-national and interdisciplinary team of engineers and scientists from more than 10 countries and with customers from all over the world.

Latest News

Machine installation at Melbourne Centre of Nanofabrication

01 August 2016

The first NanoFrazor system in Australia was successfully installed in the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication (MCN) where it...

Machine Installation at Beihang University, Beijing

29 April 2016

Last week, the first NanoFrazor system in Asia was successfully installed in China. Researchers from...

Thermal probe community meets again

18 February 2016

For the third year in a row, the Thermal Probe Workshop organized by SwissLitho and...


NanoFrazor Explore

The NanoFrazor Explore is a unique tool for rapid prototyping of high-quality nanostructures. Based on [...]


NanoFrazor Working Principle

The NanoFrazor technology is based on thermal scanning probe lithography, invented at IBM Research [...]

14_01_2DEG_Quantum Dot_70nm gaps

Applications and Examples

The NanoFrazor has the potential to be used in a wide range of applications. It [...]

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